Hey there!

I'm currently a fourth year student studying Software Engineering at the University of Waterloo. I ❤ developing and working in Swift & Objective-C, and have worked on numerous projects over multiple terms in iOS, watchOS and tvOS - some of which you can find here. My passion for development also goes into creating beautiful products, and if you drop me a line, I'd be happy to talk and learn about anything and everything related to product design and development. My contact information can be found at the bottom, let's talk!

While I was at Oath, I worked on the Monetization team building Mobile Moments, a new mobile first ad canvas that allows advertisers to display a native, fullscreen, interactive image/video ad across many of Oath's mobile apps such as Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Weather and Tumblr. I got to be at the forefront of pitching, building and deploying a dedicated, lightweight, thread-safe SDK that allows for easy Mobile Moments integration.
While working at Carrot, I worked on their flagship iOS application, Pivot, a smoking cessation app that helps cigarette smokers quit smoking over a multi-month long program. I worked in Swift, extensively using a large range of tools in UIKit and Foundation to build lessons, lesson maps, live chat, practice quit modules, user profile modules, and other miscellaneous features. I refactored a large portion of the app's architecture to better suit the future needs of the app, allowing new lesson plans be easily integrated into the existing user experience.
While working at TribalScale, I worked on numerous iOS projects (Swift, Obj-C), a tvOS project (Swift) and have also dabbled in web (React+Redux). I became essential in development in bringing apps to market, which includes the ABC News iOS app and the RedTag iOS app among others. I also gained a lot of sweet experience in project management here, where I led many scoping sessions for new projects going down the pipeline.
While at SkyWatch, I predominantly worked on an [currently] unreleased web app related to sales in the GIS industry (AngularJS 1.x). I actively participated in the product design - from its conception to its building to its iterative feedback and saw through to its closed release to select clients. In addition to my work in development, I also designed the majority of the product's UI/UX and aided in customer acquisition.
While at RED Lab, I was a rapid prototyper for primarily mobile fintech solutions, especially solutions related to investments and insurance. Over the course of the term, I created seven prototypes, each that I saw from its very beginning to its end - some of which is being actively pushed to market! I worked primarily in Swift on both iOS and watchOS, and also dabbled in Ionic and web.
Flare is a startup that I co-founded and have been working on since 2016. The product is a social media iOS app where users can create local, temporary, anonymous micro-communities that other users can chat in and even visit in real life. I do a bit of [almost] everything in the company, from the UI/UX/product design to iOS development (Swift) to daily operations. It's had its ups and downs, and the journey has never been easy, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
NASA Space Apps is an international hackathon hosted by NASA to promote development in space technologies. I was one of eight organizers for the event hosted in the Kitchener-Waterloo region, and I was responsible for the design of its posters and t-shirts, as well as managing the operations for the orders of the swag bags and t-shirts. I learned a ton about organization and operations doing this event.
Noflix was an iOS hackathon project done at Hack The North 2015 where users were allowed to choose a price limit and a location radius before an Uber would be ordered to them and take them to a random venue with those specs in mind. I did all the UI/UX work and the majority of the iOS app in Swift. We leveraged a bunch of APIs (Uber, Eventbrite, Yelp) to make this happen.
Bloated was a data visualization (web) hackathon project done at MHacks 8 that aimed to display how various datasets from the Bloomberg API affected world trade through time. I did all the UI/UX work (learning some d3 as I went) and developed the majority of the front end (vanilla js).